Image and poem by Oleg Yuzefpolsky

when my body turned into
light, when my mind turned
into rainbow, when ‘my’
became not only mine,
when ecstatic flow rushed through my
body just because i was breathing,
that moment. . . that hour. . . that
year. . . that life

i silently offered my body to hungry animals
in the forest, i silently offered my mind to
whoever needed brilliance. pure voice slashed through layers of lies,
eyesight pierced through centuries of fears and
moon was setting and early dewdrops quenched the
subtle creatures.

i was told to love only ‘my’ family,
i was told to believe only in
‘my’ god, i was told to care about
‘my’ people. . . 

as i reached that astonishing joy within my own
bodymind, everyone became ‘mine’,
as sky made love to the earth deep in
my belly, air became alive, soil
merged with realms, directions
intertwined with aeons,
and heartbeat of it ALL was
audible, though some forms
were invisible.

the sun has not risen yet,
the day opened like an eye of a
leopard, “made love, made love”
– she whispered, eyelashes of
eternity blinked,
bird has fluttered her wings
and roots of the tree pushed

unsaid is felt

“Ripples of the Invisible Prayer.” Art by Oleg Yuzefpolsky

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