How to Recognise the Buddha

Master Jingzong; English translation by Foyuan, edited by Fojin

Seeds cannot sprout in a low temperature even though they are of high quality. Once the temperature rises, the seeds sprout naturally.

In the cold winter of the Three Domains, the seed of our Buddha-nature simply cannot germinate. However, once we are reborn in the Pure Land, it becomes natural for us to attain perfect enlightenment.

We may underestimate a tiny grass shoot, but we mustn’t spurn the greatness of springtime. When we look down upon a tiny blade of grass, we are actually looking down upon the amazing power of springtime when everything bursts into growth.

When we scorn the practice of Amitabha-recitation and despise the old lady who recites Amitabha’s name, we are in fact disparaging Amitabha Buddha. Perhaps it’s not so much that we disparage the Buddha but that we simply are unable to see Amitabha due to our blindness. A sutra has this to say of a person who is skeptical of Amitabha-recitation – “That is someone without eyes.”

Only those who recognize the Buddha are able to recognize Amitabha-reciters, and vice versa. It is just like when you know a servant, you know the master even more; and if you know a child, you know his parents better.

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