i had premonitions all along.
But when i reached, it was evident.
The Holiest of Temples is lodged firmly inside our body,
thus, it’s hidden from our eyes which we use to look outside only.

When i entered, i was blown away by the revolving, living paintings on the subtly breathing walls,
the space playfully brought closer, then moved away and then changed images,
appearing seemingly from nowhere.
And what amazed me the most was –
our names, written in stunningly beautiful gold.
All names were intertwined, one name coming from the other.

The statues inside the Temple were mesmerizing – light and bliss emanated from them,
and even a fleeting glance at them ascended:
heart stopped, breathing stopped, love pierced you,
tears of awe fell under your feet into the purest lake,
reflecting your essence and immortality. . . 
The statues were transparent and as the light pouring into the Temple touched them,
statues seemed to move gently
and rainbow-color rays streamed out of them.

Sounds were very delicate.
“What a Godly place”, i uttered and this echoed in fifty thousand different tones and, suddenly,
i was completely swallowed by a myriad of voices from everywhere:
“What a Godly place… What a Godly place… Godly place…”

Drowning in heavenly nectar,
Purify in the bath of God.
Prostrate. Thank. Give.
Know that everything is for a moment,
quietly walk on and forgive.

Your body is a light eternal,
Your path – blind rain in a wind,
do not seek a refuge in mortal,
 become clear space, see-through stream.

And freeing from all memories and lies,
Dive into the depths of inexplicable,
know: that from darkness come all colors to the eyes,
and from the silence come all sounds and the syllables.

And strike of lightning through the ring of temple’s bell
will greet you for inevitable meeting,
the thread of bliss is thin and in the sacred depth of cosmic well
entire fabric of the universe is sewn together.

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