Offer the World a Share of Warmth

Master Jingzong; English translation by Foyuan, edited by Jingxing

We humans have weak and inconstant hearts. Though we possess the most wonderful Dharma teaching, we are still unhappy and insist upon burdening our hearts with anguish. So, I repeated recently that we have to work hard at putting our hearts into recitation, as well as eating meals, doing our chores and taking good care of ourselves.

If we have an open mind, we can serve our Dharma school well. Though the world and our minds are full of suffering, I still hope we can be happy and cheerful every day.

We know about Amitabha’s compassion, accept his kindness and put it into the practice of our daily lives. We also set example for others, bringing the suffering world and sentient beings a little comfort and warmth. Indeed, this is our calling.

This world is so full of afflictions; if we reciters have no warmth and softness in our hearts, our sufferings will only increase. As the Buddha says, “We reciters are pundarikas (white lotus flowers) among humans.” How might we best show this to other beings?

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