Press Release: “Wake Up with Dharma Retreat” with Khenpo Kalsang Nyima Rinpoche

In this digital age occupied by emails and social media, we spend so much time focusing on sadness about the past and worries towards the future. Our minds keep jumping from thought to thought. Have you ever tried to live in the present? Do you long for a tranquil retreat, a getaway in the green countryside? In the upcoming “Wake Up with Dharma Retreat”, Khenpo Kalsang Nyima Rinpoche will teach you how to harness your thoughts and emotions, slow everything down and focus on the now.

Khenpo Kalsang Nyima Rinpoche, a compassionate and highly respected master in the Karma Kagyu Lineage, is the principal and director of Rumtek Shedra, Karmae Shri Nalanda Institute, the main seat of His Holiness the Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje; and the chief disciplinary master of the International Kagyu Monlam in Bodhgaya, India.

In the past years, Khenpo Rinpoche has turned the Dharma wheel in places as diverse as Hong Kong, the US, Israel, Taiwan, Canada, and Germany, creating an atmosphere of unity, harmony and tranquility, and his disciples have attained unprecedented mental peace and well-being.

In March 2019, a group of Khenpo Rinpoche’s disciples organized a retreat on the Ngondro (Four Foundations) practice in Hong Kong, which lasted for four days. Under the compassionate guidance of Khenpo Rinpoche, all participants were able to receive his teachings on how to practice Buddha-dharma through their daily activities, following a detailed explanation on the Ngondro practice as a starting point. Also, since human life and machines have now become inseparable, creating different kinds of disharmonies, Khenpo Rinpoche has provided a detailed account on how to address these forms of unhappiness, harness the forces of the natural environment, and seek the Triple Gems’ empowerments of our body, speech, and mind. The bodies, minds, and practices of all participants at the retreat benefited enormously from the practice led by Khenpo Rinpoche in person.

Many attendees therefore have expressed their wish to have another Ngondro practice retreat, which would bring immeasurable benefits to many other students. To enable students from other countries who have heard the last retreat to be able to join another one, Khenpo Rinpcohe’s disciples have decided to organize one in Thailand, named “Wake Up with Dharma Retreat.” Khenpo Rinpoche has kindly agreed to support this initiative. His gesture is an act of a great kindness, vast like the space, that cannot be repaid.

“Wake Up with Dharma Retreat” will take place at M.C.U. Retreat Centre in Chiangmai, Thailand for 10 days, from 28 September to 7 October 2019. The Centre is set in a tranquil and greenery countryside with various facilities such as hall, dining room, and accommodation rooms, which are ideal for Dharma practice and meditation.

“Wake Up with Dharma Retreat” is a precious opportunity to dharma friends who wish to practice Buddha-dharma. Please join us and share the bliss!

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