And I’m Free

Image and poem by Oleg Yuzefpolsky

“No chains on my feet”,
And i’m free. Today,
For few moments –
i can feel Alive
with Love.

For a few breaths –
i know and feel nothing,
but God.

Setting Sun sends golden
path of ripples on the Sea directly into my heart,
waves roll in and i become a transparent-gold luminance of Life.

For a few seconds,
Everything becomes first:
mind makes love, love makes life,
Stunning layer of Brilliance of the Creation
reveals itself: i want nothing else.
This layer has no wishes,
This layer has no time,
This layer is naked-simple,
This layer is a lightning between lifetimes,
thunderclap between planets,
light matter between galaxies,
saliva between lips.

You can put me into a particle of sand
and with a mere movement of eyelids
i will temporarily know eternity.

You can split me into atoms
and i will turn into space
between the invisible and undying.

You can throw suns into the waters
of my bloodstreams,
You can rise the moon from my throat into
my mouth, so i can say:
“Mama, i’m home.”

Beloved, Lover, God is She,
Giving birth, giving death –
no shadow without light,
no light without source,
no source without spark,
no spark without mystery.

Waves roll in, Africa touches Tibet,
Maoris whirl in Scandinavia,
Moon sinks into the Sun,
Earth freefalls through Space,
Space swirls in child’s heart,
And for a moment –

I’m free

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