Love, Hope, and Community: Buddhism in Malawi

Where I am going: I will be in Malawi, a landlocked country in Africa, where Buddhism is an overlooked presence.

What the project is: A documentary video that we hope to release later in 2023. The documentary will seek to put into focus a sharper picture of Buddhism in Africa and explore a Buddhist organization’s activities in Malawi.

When will there be blog updates again: I will be in Malawi from 25 July to 3 August, followed by a brief sojourn in Dubai from 3 to 7 August for a separate project.

Why Malawi is important: Buddhism is an overlooked presence on the continent of Africa, but one organization, Amituofo Care Centre (ACC), is transforming the lives of orphans in several African countries. I will be joined by a wonderful cameraperson and we will be speaking to current residents of the ACC lodge in Malawi, as well as alumni that have since built families and lives of their own. We will examine what kind of developments Buddhism in Africa has undergone in the past decade, and how Buddhists can better serve the Malawian community.

This is a project that I am honored to create, and I hope you will find it of interest and meaning.

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