Meditation & Awakening are Precious, Natural Resources for Facing Climate Crisis

Sarah C. Beasley offered this talk as part of BDG’s recent conference:

Buddhist Voices in the Climate Crisis 29-30 July, 2022

Organized by Buddhistdoor Global, Sumeru Books, and The Woodenfish Foundation Taking into account the 2022 UN report on climate change, which urged global stakeholders that we must act “now or never” to limit CO2 emissions, this two-day conference gathered voices from Buddhists around the world to discuss the climate crisis. As Buddhist practitioners, leaders, writers, and teachers, we recognize our responsibility to reduce the suffering caused by our use of resources and, beyond this, the call to help reduce suffering everywhere. Additionally, and in the spirit of interfaith dialogue and the wisdom of interconnectedness, we welcome voices from climate activists beyond the Buddhist world as well as leaders in the worlds of technology and science who seek to connect with religious leaders. This conference aimed to be the beginning of ongoing discussions and actions on the parts of presenters and participants. Follow-up conferences will track progress, obstacles, and achievements as we, together, confront humanity’s most pressing issue.

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