Roti Canai

Whenever I visit Malaysia, I never pass up the chance to enjoy some authentic and delicious roti canai. The texture and taste need to compliment each other. There’s a particular satisfaction to a good roti canai’s feel in your hands, not to mention how it feels and smells while you’re actually chewing it. The flatbread can be served in almost any fashion, eaten on its own or, even better, with your favourite curry.

With thanks to Susan Sim of Ci Bei magazine for the recipe.

Roti Canai


600g flour
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
400g water
2 tbsp condensed milk
2 tbsp margarine

Place the flour in a container. Add in the sugar, salt, water, and condensed milk. Add in the margarine and roll into a smooth dough. Divide into small pieces of dough. Arrange the doughs together in a container and apply another coat of margarine.

Take the dough pieces and press with palm until they are flat and even. Pull them long and thin and fold. Heat oil in a flat pan and fry until both sides of the dough pieces are golden brown.

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