Slow Down and Feel Good

Master Jingzong; English translation by Foyuan, edited by Fojin

I once heard a saying which I completely agree with: time is irrelevant to perfect things.

Anything that is born of time is never perfect. From the viewpoint of philosophy, it cannot last forever because of its impermanence.

Things we do hastily in the name of efficiency and speed are doomed to be flawed because we are cutting corners right from the beginning.

We all know that using hormones to shorten the growth cycles and boost the production of livestock and vegetables is hazardous to health. Isn’t it equally true that anxiously trying to accelerate the development of our undertakings has harmful effects on our minds too?

Take your time to sip a cup of fine tea. Enjoy a good book leisurely. Relax, slow down and have a good time. Do things in a measured manner and make even a small task perfect. Time is like a gossipy woman or a spoilt brat who would not stop whining. Just ignore it and don’t let it bother you. Do everything well with all your heart.

Sayings such as “soft fire makes sweet malt”, “haste makes waste”, and “patience pays off” imply that, if we rush through a task, we are likely to produce shoddy work and make mistakes.

We live in a time when everyone is afraid of doing things slowly. Whoever is not afraid of doing that will rule.

Walk too slowly and you will miss the express coach; learn too slowly and you won’t get admitted to a prestigious university; lag behind in your work and you will not earn a good income; and a slow running internet means you will have trouble getting information. That is why people do not want to be slow. It takes a good reason and sufficient financial means for someone not to fear to do things leisurely. That reason must be more convincing than any reason why we should be fast and the money enough to cover any losses caused by slowness. Otherwise, we have to be strapped on the fast train and cannot slow down. Our normal heart beat is 70—110 per minute. It has now risen to 100—150. If it goes on like this, will we survive?

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