Science and Religion

Master Jingzong; English translation by Chia Chang Wang, edited by Jingtu “Religion” here refers specifically to faiths that embrace a single creator-god. Science and religion are like day and night. Science resembles the day; it wants to reveal things clearly. Religion is like the night, intending to enshroud everything. Don’t criticize religions as “superstitious,” or […]

Homage to Prajnaparamita

Prajnaparamita is the Buddhist goddess of wisdom, a personification of knowledge, revealed in the Prajnaparamita Sutras that laid the foundations of Mahayana Buddhism. The term combines the Sanskrit words prajna (wisdom) and paramita (perfection). Paramita is interpreted as having reached the opposite shore of samsara, and prajnaparamita is translated as “perfection of wisdom” or “transcendental […]

No Matter What

By Master Huijing; English translation by Jingtu No matter what, Amitabha’s Fundamental Vow Is like diamond, never changing. No matter what, Amitabha thinks of me Like a mother remembers her child, never abandoning it. No matter what, Amitabha is with me Every moment, never letting me go. No matter what, sinful sentient beings Need Amitabha and […]