Unnecessary Worry

Master Jingzong; English translation by Fomu, edited by Jingtu

In the darkness there are many ditches and obstacles; we must use both hands and feet as we grope our way forward. Even with great caution, we inevitably bump, stumble and lose our sense of direction. We can only hope not to fall down flat. Amid daylight, however, we are able to walk swiftly and straight towards our destination. We may seem less cautious than in the dark, but our missteps will be fewer. More important, we will have a clear direction.

Non-believers in Amitabha Buddha’s deliverance are like those whose minds are shrouded in darkness. The minds of those who entrust themselves to Amitabha’s deliverance are illuminated by brilliant light. Some people worry that the Buddha’s unconditional deliverance will encourage self-indulgence and unwholesome behavior. This is like fretting about falling during an easy walk in daylight. Apparently they feel more assured crawling in the dark — and direction and destination are meaningless to them. People who have never seen the light speak from their own experiences amid the darkness. That merely reveals they have yet to witness the light.

It is pointless for those who are in the dark to worry about others who are in the light. We say to the former: “Why not join us for a safe and comfortable stroll in the light?” Yet they hasten to reply: “No. Even walking so carefully I still stumble often. If I walk leisurely like you, it will be much worse.” They are ignorant, stubborn and arrogant.

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