Pickled Spinach

An intriguing appetizer from Japan, makombu tsukudani is a refreshing and tantalizing dish that is served with a flavourful punch and packed full of nutrition. Serve it with steamed rice, or in a bento box.

With thanks to Susan Sim of Ci Bei magazine for the recipe.

Pickled Spinach

600g spinach
A handful of roasted sesame seeds and black seeds
Two slices of chopped radish

Wash the spinach and discard the roots. Prepare a basin pf water with ice cubes. Bring 1/2 wok of water to a boil and blanch spinach. Cool the spinach in the iced water. Drain and press dry. Wrap with polystyrene foil and leave it in the fridge. When cool, cut into long strips. Arrange in a bowl and sprinkle sesames on top. Serve with radishes and season as desired.

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